How It Works

Download TwinCards from the App Store

Download TwinCards and install it from the following Apple App Store URL: http://
Download TwinCards and install it from the following Google Play URL: http://



After choosing your language please touch "Register" and insert:
Your Email
Your Password and confirm it


Email Confirmation

After registration TwinCards system will send you an email message to the inbox of the email you used to register. This message contains a confirmation code. Please insert it into the confirmation code filed and touch "Confirm".

If you could not find this message in your mailbox then it may be in the trash, spam or any other folder based on your email service provider. If you could not find it in any folder then please touch "Resend Code".


Card Verification

To use TwinCards you need to get your own card. If you do not have one, you can know how to get one here.

When you get your card you get your verification code. Enter this verification code to activate your card.

If this card is attached with the code an already existing user, this user automatically becomes your friend.


Fill You Profile

Fill your profile and upload your avatar. Note that all fields are optional except your first and last name. Filling more fields makes it better for others to search and identify you. All of your profile data is private except your name and avatar.


Finish Setup Wizard Steps

Follow the setup wizard steps till it finishes. Congratulations! You are ready to use TwinCards.


Friends list

This list contains your friends. You can add more friends by sending an invitation to your friend using his email. If he is registered to TwinCards he will receive an invitation. If he accepted the invitation he will be added to your friends list.


Send a message

You can send a new message by touching the new message button. Choose the message effect, fill the message text field with your message and send. You can preview it using the "Preview" Button.


Messages List (Inbox)

This is your inbox contains all of your incoming messages from all of your friends. Click on a message to open the camera and read the message on the card.


Read a message on your card

When you choose a message from your inbox the Augmented-reality camera is open. Bring your card and point your mobile camera on it. The message appears on the card! Enjoy messaging!